You’re looking mighty succulent

Succulent. Not just was a word to describe a quality Angus beef steak or your boyfriend in skinny jeans (another type of quality meat) but also a variety of plants that thrive in non-enviro friendly spaces i.e your small apartment.

If you’re from a regional or country area, like me self is, you’re probably dreaming of ’em hills and muddy rivers and just being surrounded by things that grow.

Solution: Succulents. A plant that grows anywhere (see below images for proof) and requires very little water. How little? A little spray with a mist bottle once a week.

I got my babies from the Camberwell markets from a friendly sir who smelt like cigarettes and reminisced of the days when kids learnt how to grow stuff at school. Remember grassheads? Those were the days.

I bought seven plants. The small ones were $2 each and the larger one $6.

Succulents are also used in those super trendy terraniums that I imagine fairies would live in. They are penthouse suites and will set you back $20 – $30 a pop, or you can make your own and head to the reject shop for some round fishbowls.

But I put mine in some Twinnings tins that I found in hard rubbish years back and a massive seashell that the fella found during his many hours of seashell collecting while travelling around Australia.



Are you a fan of succulents?


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