Disco Yoga – Rocking the Vinyasa to Michael Jackson in fluro

There was massive balloons filled with confetti. There was pink hair, animal prints, a DJ blasting Basement Jaxx, Asta, MJ and that song about not feeling my face.

Oh, and there was yoga. Disco-style.

To celebrate Queen Victoria Market Week, Nickie Hanley (creator and instructor of Disco Yoga) held a free class today in the L shed to about a hundred hybrid Disco Stu-yogi’s.

Sadly I couldn’t find my platform shoes with floating fish or hoop earrings for the event. But it was not really about the fashion, it was about doing the yoga. To do the yoga one still needs to take off their socks and concentrate on not kneeing oneself in the face (especially important for flow).

Disco yoga is not your average inner-city yoga class where you can hide in the back and act all Melbourne by not speaking to anyone, completing poses in resting bitch face and scrutinising Lululemon outfits.

Nickie’s class combined Vinyasa flow with funky beats, shaking your booty around, freestyle dancing, and, introverts beware: mandatory interaction with your yoga neighbour.

So I talked to a stranger! Her name was Simone! And she did yoga in South Melbourne! Touching your yoga neighbour (Simone) was compulsory, through supportive yoga poses and encouraged through holding hands and hugging. Okay, don’t freak out, it was one hug.

“But how does one touch someone without being creepy?” asked Simone. My thoughts exactly new friend!

This was not a class to relax in. Balloons hit you in the head as you moved quickly through poses and unless you’re at peace with your inner Dad, you will feel like a dag dancing on your mat.

But if you love to dance, yoga and confetti balloons exploding on your head, you will love disco yoga. Just save your resting bitch face for your other yoga class.

Find out more about Disco Yoga here, or follow on Facebook.




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