Best spots to snag a daggy jumper

I should’ve seen the warning signs that my fella was turning into a hipster. He feigned razors as “inconvenient” and “annoying” while we travelled around Australia and as such grew a long, scraggly beard to put Ned Kelly’s to shame. The beard has remained post-Aus trip, which is hipster enough for any good sort, but then came the optometrist’s declaration that he was pretty much blind.

Chuck in some black frames (Death Cab style) followed by an interest in bright socks and then came his obsession with THE DAGGY JUMPER.

Because I am supportive of my partner I too became interested in finding bright, 80’s geometric wool skins. And for anyone else on the pursuit, here’s a guide to the best spots to snag a daggy jumper.

1) Your Dad’s closest
This is where uncool Dad’s get their time to shine as hipster fashion makes everything dorky fabulous. Plough through your father’s closest and hopefully find something from the Wham-era. Best thing of all is it’s free and you get extra street cred by saying it’s your Dad’s.

2) Op Shops
It goes without saying that this is the home of daggy jumpers. Unfortunately inner city oppies have cashed in on the woolly trend and you won’t find bargains like you used to. I recommend you head to regional or country areas to snag a $2 jumper. Wangaratta Vinnie’s is my fav. Totally worth the three hours to get there.

3) The Camberwell markets
One of my favourite places, it’s cheaper than Melbourne op shops and is the only place it’s legal to rummage through someone’s wardrobe. Fella found a glorious techno-inspired knit here. The Camberwell markets run on Sundays from 8am to 12pm.

4) Vintage shops
If you are short on time but have extra pennies there’s a throng of vintage shops who have sorted through the cool stuff from second hand shops and happily marked it up for customers. Retro Star is a gooden – they often have big sales too, there’s a heap in Fitzroy on Smith St. Most still have authentic old time smell of eau du moth ball.

Where have you snagged an awesome woolly knit?



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