Three Ways With Your Neighbours Parsley

Three blocks away, near the dog-park in Richmond, there was a luscious parsley bush growing like a weed in the front yard. I grabbed bunches of the Vitamin E-enriched herb like no tomorrow and returned home like a cackling witch, delighted by free nature things.

Unfortunately the landlord or owners thought the parsley was a weed and ripped the garden bed up and replaced it with pebbly stones. As the Master Chef judges would say, “You can’t make pesto with pebbly stones.”

Perhaps you’re more lucky then me, and have located a free meandering bush of parsley. If so, I suggest you reap the benefits while you can. You can always buy fresh from the market, but don’t be daft and fork out the ludicrous sum at the supermarket.

Otherwise grow your own. I’m trying, oh god I’m trying.

Here’s three recipes with parsley – preferably your neighbour’s free-sourced parsley

  1. Pesto


Is there anything easier and simpler than pesto? Sometimes I don’t have cashews so I use almonds. Sometimes I don’t have almonds so I use sunflower seeds. That didn’t taste as good. I often don’t have basil and just use parsley on its own. But basil is bloody good.

  1. Parsley soup



It sounds bland but it’s quite lip-smacking good and tastes like health.

  1. Tabouli


A refreshing, summer salad that uses a butt load of parsley.




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