Three things for self-development


At a recent job interview one of the interviewees who was rocking a hot pink power suit asked me three things that I’m crap at. I was unprepared and outraged and wish I was also wearing something from the 80s so I could say, “Well, clearly not fashion!”

Didn’t they know that questions like this would lead to late-night sobbing into one’s pillow and further expensive psychology sessions?

Didn’t they know that I had only prepared questions about my grandiose super skills about my hard-working and passionate attitude to grow with your company and be one with you let’s hug it out and let me work here please please etc etc?

The trick with this doozy of a question is to turn it on it’s head to reflect your self-development and constant quest for perfect employee superstar sticker. In reflection, making a joke out it probably wasn’t the best idea and obviously something I need to improve on and enroll in a course in and be better in.

Here’s more three more things I need to work on:

1. Sleep-singing and annoying my boyfriend with my out-of-pitch, nonsensical songbird-ing. Internet research says there is no cure so I’m just working on improving my vocal range my using shower time to practice classic Sound of Music tunes.

Self development strategy: Practice in becoming delightful lullaby sleep-singer.

2. Half-killing my plants and then bringing them back to life. I play God with my herbs due to my neglecting watering them. They start to shrivel and go yellow but then I then I use the power of water and bring them back from the brink of death. This cycle must stop. I haven’t worked out how to break the cycle but fear a death of a loved plant may be the hard lesson I will have to learn.

Self development strategy:  Learn from your mistakes.

3. An irrational fear of lifts: from ground floor to level 10 I’m calculating how much air is available in the space, how much rations and water I have in my bag to survive and whether or not I have the balls to do that mission impossible style thing and escape through the top of the lift.

By the time the lift pings open and I’m free yet again and fist-pumping that I have lived through the mechanical pulley system of moving inside a building. The upside of this irrational fear is that it’s pretty funny and I get to test out the effectiveness of my deodorant.

Self development strategy: Feel the fear but take the lift anyways.

What three things could you improve?



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