Melbourne’s Hip Hop Yoga Studio Relocates to Richmond – Concrete Playground

Continues to downward dog to Jay-Z.

If you’ve ever thought yoga needed less waterfall soundtracks and more pumping beats, chances are you’ll love hip hop yoga. Of course, if you’re a regular at Yoga 213, you’ll be familiar with how Biggie Smalls-infused yoga works. But there have been a few changes to the popular South Yarra studio. This week, the hip hop yogis up and left their south side home for new and improved digs in Richmond. The new space not only has a killer studio, but showers, a tiled bathroom and changing area too.

If you’re not acquainted with this crazy concept, Yoga 213 was founded back in 2013 by yogi Sammy Veall. After suffering from third degree burns to 35 percent of her body, Veall found solace and healing in hip hop yoga.

“Hip hop yoga made me realise that everything was going to be ok,” she says. “It helped me recover from my accident by improving my strength and flexibility.”

The story behind Yoga 213 is, in itself, a good reason to get on the mat and give stretching to Kanye a go — plus, doing a vinyasa flow to Beyoncé just sounds like a good time.

“More Melburnians are getting into hip hop yoga, which is massive in LA, and are finding the unexpected combination of hip hop music and yoga really addictive,” Veall says.

This LA-style of yoga is further reflected in the large Californian-esque warehouse space that offers cityscape views and plenty of sunlight, creating a pretty delightful setting for yoga practice. The interior has been decked out by Wild Hen Design, and mixes quirk and kitsch with classic neon signage, vintage surfboards and many a humble pineapples on display. So many pineapples.

As well as being a hip hop yogi, Veall has also started her own yoga clothing range, 213 Apparel, to cater for the growing need for high quality activewear. The new range Happiness Revolution will be launched in December.

Yoga 213 is located minutes away from Richmond Station and within walking distance to everything else amazing that is going on there.It’s just one of the new additions to the growing list of recent openings on Swan Street, such as new bars Ugly Duckling and Saint.Urban. Pretty handy.

Yoga 213 is now located at Level 1, 97 Swan Street, Richmond.

First published on Concrete Playground