Putting The ‘Hot’ Into Hot Yoga With Showga

Think high heels and yoga don’t mix? Chakanunda Vaganunda Chikki Chikki Wa, world famous Yoga Guru, Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur believes they can. We caught up with the star to chat about enlightenment, Instagram, being fabulous and her Melbourne Fringe Festival show, Showga.

This is your first tour of Australia; what can fellow yogis expect when attending one your shows?
Expect to have a life changing experience! I will teach you how to love yourself, because no one else does. I will also take you through my five step plan that will transform your life forever. Come, and you will longer be the unlovable version of yourself that is sitting reading this article. Expect incense. Expect Instagram. Expect to get off your Assana.

What do you love about yourself and being a yoga teacher?

I love my Botox, my boob job and of course my hot bod. But what I love most about being a Yoga Teacher is transforming people’s lives. For a minimum donation.

What has been your most enlightening experience in this life?
I became enlightened in India after many months meditating with my Guru. He gave me my enlightened name Chakanunda Vaganunda Chikki Chikki Wa. Before that, most people called me Fat Karen. But now every moment for me is pure love and joy!

Isn’t yoga just about getting a hot bod?

Mmm, good question. A large part of our modern yoga practice is about looking hot. Why else would it be called Hot Yoga? It’s for hot people. Why else are all the best Yoga Studios in luxury suburbs? Because that’s where the hot people live. But yoga it not just about looking hot. It’s about feeling hot too!

What inspires your sexy personal style?
I am inspired by the Indian Gods, they are fabulous! I love that they are not afraid to wear color and don themselves in lavish jewelry. They not only inspire my personal style but they inspire me in life to be my most fabulous self.

There’s been bikram, body barre, disco yoga and acroyoga. What is the next yoga trend we should all watch out for and do before anyone else?
My yoga style Showga, of course! I have created and patented a specific set of postures that will detoxify your body and help you lose weight. My yoga postures are performed in high heels. This can be tricky for your balance, so if you are struggling and you probably will, try a wedged sneaker to begin. As you build strength, you can work your way up to an 8 inch heel. Like I always say, what’s good for the calves is good for the soul!

Yoga teachers say ‘namaste’ at the end of a class. What does this actually mean?
Namaste means the divine fabulous in me, recognises the divine fabulous in you.

The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Wednesday September 16 – Sunday September 20, 7pm

First published at Milkbar mag.


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