Loon Lake : Low Res

After mutually deciding to call it quits earlier this year, Low Res is Loon Lake’s last hurrah and goodbye letter to the music world. The split’s not due to an ugly falling out – the lads have described it as more of a wind-up than a break-up. Low Res was recorded live and self-produced with … Continue reading Loon Lake : Low Res

Boy & Bear : Limit of Love

There is a vulnerability in Boy & Bear’s third album; a raw exposure that is unheard in their previous releases. Although the band’s ability to transform anguish into upbeat tracks remains, we find an added layer of grit here. Due to the band’s gruelling 13 month world-wide tour, which saw the band perform 170 shows, … Continue reading Boy & Bear : Limit of Love

The Waifs @ The Palais

The Palais is a beautiful venue, but it does feel strange eating Maltesers in reserved seats rather than swaying freely and spilling booze on strangers like you might at a regular gig. But the packed out fancy venue was a sign of how far The Waifs have come. From their humble roots in a remote … Continue reading The Waifs @ The Palais

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