Loon Lake : Low Res

After mutually deciding to call it quits earlier this year, Low Res is Loon Lake’s last hurrah and goodbye letter to the music world. The split’s not due to an ugly falling out – the lads have described it as more of a wind-up than a break-up. Low Res was recorded live and self-produced with no thinking, no synths and based on instincts. The result is a loud, fast-paced album, which is lyrically catchy, but somewhat lacking in variety as it becomes hard to tell one track from the next.

However, the band had fun creating Low Res. Just Now is a stand-out track with a quick beat and crowd-pleasing lyrics, while the slower pace of Black Eyes is refreshing, but there’s perhaps too much sha-la-la-ing to captivate a listener. Head-banging final track Winona Ryder is repetitive but nevertheless cheery.

Low Res will please long-time fans of Loon Lake, especially with the pay-as-you-feel pricing method, which allows people to rip it, copy it, sell it, or share it. The band just want it to be heard. Low Res is a good representation of Loon Lake’s raw and bullshit-free honesty. It’s fun but certainly not their best work.

First published in Beat magazine